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Popular Active Stylus Pen on the market

With the explosion of Apple Pencil, domestic merchants have made great efforts to invest of stylus pen in the market, striving to be an affordable alternative to Apple Pencil, which has been sought after by many consumer, now the domestic capacitive pen has also developed to The third-generation product, which has narrowed the gap with the genuine Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil

The capacitive pen is popular with Apple, so the Apple Pencil launched by Apple is a well-deserved first. Because of technology and patents, no one has surpassed it so far. The biggest feature of Apple Pencil is pressure and tilt sensitivity, as well as good strokes and lag-free effects. However, the price is costly for some of the people who has limited budget.


Microsoft Surface Pen

As the world's largest manufacturer of system software, some of the popular painting and editing software are launched by Microsoft, and the Microsoft Surface stylus, which is tailored for Microsoft tablets and computers, has very good compatibility. But it is relatively less in terms of software than Apple.

Centyoo is a manufacture that specializes in making for major merchants, such as Apple Pencil, Huawei Pencil, Microsoft Surface, etc., as well as tablet peripherals, Active Stylus Pens, etc., and the price is much better than the official model. Take the Apple Pencil as an example, the third-generation pen launched by Centyoo is the same in design, nib, and body material, and also has the advanced tilt sensor. It is good enough for ordinary people and the best replacement product at present.


The above are some of the popular active stylus pen on the market. With the rapid development of technology, more and more people are inclined to work and study online, and the role of stylus pens is also growing. For those who have a budget, they can choose high-end stylus from Apple and Microsoft. For students and ordinary people, they can choose Centyoo and other evaluation products.

Post time: Apr-14-2022