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The best alternative to Apple Pencil?

Centyoo Stylus Pen - 3rd Generation

The best alternative to Apple Pencil?

Just bought your new iPad? Good! Now all you need is an Apple Pencil! Well ... you will surely be undecided between the first and the second model .. and certainly the price will also make you doubt. 'Will it be the right purchase?'

Today I propose what in my experience, is currently the best alternative to Apple Pencil!

• What is Centyoo?

Centyoo is a stylus pen for tablets (in particular for iPad actually), designed to try to provide the most similar experience possible to the use of the best known Apple product, at a very attractive price!

Many of you will know that buying an apple pencil typically costs € 90 to € 120 (and knowing Apple we are also lucky on that).
Many will have also heard of various 60/70 euro alternatives that are certainly excellent!

Centyoo, tries to collect features and quality, guaranteeing a decidedly lower price than competitors!

• What changes from previous versions?

The previous versions were not bad, but they certainly gave problems that should not be underestimated eh!

Think for example of the second generation .. did not enjoy the coating on the tip and this risked scratching the iPad screen in the long run. Also on connectivity it was not the best.

Centyoo 3rd Generation
The new version, however, has been designed to be comfortable and of high quality on every front!

The features of the new Centyoo!

- The new Centyoo has the tip coated exactly like Apple Pencil. This way you will never risk damaging the screen!
- A spare tip is also included in the package in case of wear over long periods.
- The charger is Magnetic and USB. (We recommend charging via Laptop / PC if possible)
- Non bluetooth connectivity! Unlike Apple Pencil and other products on the market, this product does not use bluetooth technology for connectivity. This way you will never have connection problems or long waits and more. Just press the button at the top and the pen will work immediately when touched on the Display!
- Blue light indicating pen activity.
- Auto power off system for energy saving when the pen is not in use for long periods.
- Palm rejection that will allow you to write freely without being bothered by the palm of your hand on the display.
- Does not magnetically attach to iPad.
- High Accuracy
- It does not enjoy pressure levels but enjoys the inclination of the tip.
- Base price € 40 but in certain periods it is also found around € 20.
- Compatible with: Only supports iPad 2018-2021. Not the previous models! It doesn't even support iPhone or Android or Microsoft products. (Point against this!)


• Conclusions

What can I say .. if you are within compatibility and find this product around 20 euros, I absolutely recommend you to use it!

If you want a super precise pen in the drawing maybe it is not ideal (but personally I find it very well), but if you just need a starting point or if you use the pen to write and study then you will go swimmingly!


Post time: Apr-13-2022